Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New Year Briefing 2017 from Centre for Business Innovation

Another record breaking year at the Centre for Business Innovation! Read our New Year Briefing now available at … with member logos at

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Microfluidics Consortium in Cookham (UK) Dec 8 & 9

The Microfluidics Consortium is entering its eighth year!

We meet next on December 8th and 9th at Moor Hall, Cookham near Heathrow.

On this occasion we will be working with:

  •  EIPC (the European Electronics Trade Association) to find synergies between electronics and microfluidics in areas like manufacturing technology and embedding functionality.
  • Big Pharma to find common ground supporting the need for fluidic infrastructure for the new generation of cell, tissue, organ on a chip assays which will be needed for the upcoming revolution in precision medicine.
For details contact Peter Hewkin on

The next meeting of the consortium will be in San Francisco on Jan 26/27 hosted by Stanford University.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Demonstration of Social Media Profiling Tool

The Social Media for Business Consortium is arranging a demonstration on December 13th of the Social Profiling tools which the University of Cambridge Psychology Department have developed. 

The consortium is co-funding further development of these tools in exchange for proprietary access enabling its members to test out strategies for improved dialogue/influence with their stakeholders.

The public domain version of these tools can be viewed here

A new cycle of the Social Media for Business Consortium starts 1/1/2017. For details, please contact Peter Hewkin on

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rescuing #BREXIT with Robots?

“Migration causes wage pressure in low skilled jobs 'Taking back control' of immigration [so the logic goes] will reduce supply of labour and increase local wages.” - a (disputed) claim of the Brexiteers in the UK referendum.

My recent projects looking at the disruptive impact of of automation and AI in various client markets show different trends. It is automation such as: robot clothing manufacturing and autonomous farming and picking that are the long term drivers impacting these low-skill industries.

As migration curbs bite, is the solution for the UK’s innovative businesses to use large-scale automation to fill any shortage of workers. Is #Brexit actually an opportunity to lead the world in advances in automation or will the UK’s new industrial policy prioritise employment over GVA?

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure: any global or pan-european companies looking at cross-border R&D and innovation are going to need to quickly plan for a variety of #Brexit scenarios. The Centre for Business Innovation is holding a facilitated symposium to map out the most likely scenarios and potential responses to keep corporate innovation flowing.

A few places are still available - contact or for more details.

Monday, 26 September 2016

MF7 Microfluidics Consortium visits Dublin Oct 7 & 8

The Microfluidics Consortium is now in its 7th year and will be visiting Dublin just ahead of the uTAS conference.

Dr Peter Hewkin who leads the microfluidics consortium says "Each year we have an Open Day in Europe when non-members can get to know the members of the Microfluidics consortium and share in their vision. This year we have placed the Open Day on Oct 8th ..just ahead of the global uTAS conference"

Delegates who wish to participate can also join our recruitment event the evening before on Oct 7th. For full agenda and early bird delegate list please click here

The Microfluidics consortium is a global venture with the mission to grow the market for microfluidics enabled products and services. It meets across the USA and Europe .. and visits the Far East each year.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Microfluidics Consortium to visit Boston with Open Day on June 24

The MF7 Microfluidics Consortium will be in Boston on June 23 and 24. Hosted by Northeastern University the mission of the consortium is to grow the market for microfluidics enabled products and services.

The consortium delivers this mission by engaging with regulators, funders, business partners of all sizes as well as the venture capital community - all over the world.

While most of the consortium's work takes places in closed (members only) meetings, on June 24 we are holding our annual 'Open Day' where non-members can engage with us and learn about our vision , our values and processes.

To participate in the Open Day please follow this link:

New Year Briefing from Centre for Business InnovationPublished

We are pleased to release the latest briefing from the Centre for Business Innovation in Cambridge UK. It describes our international consortia for:

- corporate venturing
- social media for business
- microfluidics
- nano-carbon enhanced materials
- open innovation meets big data
- medical adherence
- inclusive design

which are helping some of the world's best companies leverage each others position and insight to do more with less.

Read about it here