Saturday, 29 January 2011

Reflections on Tetra Pak

CfBI had an excellent meeting of the Open Innovation Practitioners' Consortium on Monday and Tuesday, hosted by Tetra Pak in Lund, Sweden. Our theme was 'co-innovation' and members of the consortium including Friesland Campina, Philips and Tetra Pak presented cases to get the discussion going.

John Bell of Philips presented work that he and Ellen Enkel of Zeppelin University had been doing to measure the 'readiness' for Open Innovation in a range of Consortium member companies.

Over dinner Sigvald Harryson  from the Copenhagen  Business School told members of the consortium about his experience with Porsche stimulating a competition for innovation in the latest generation of brakes.

We had a fun tour of the production facilities (machines which make and fill Tetra Paks at 5 per second) and of their product gallery (did you know that in India they put Whiskey in Tetra Paks?!)

The next meeting of the Open Innovation Consortium will be hosted by LEGO in Billund on March 28/29 and will be co-located with the European Innovation Conference.

 In the meantim the European Microfluidics Consortium meets in Zurich on February 24/25

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