Friday, 27 October 2017

Thoughts from Paris - CLVF 1.2

Wow! What an adventure in Paris.

 A capacity crowd of corporate venturers, lab leaders and innovators came together in Paris to talk about all things ‘working with/partnering with small companies and start-ups.

Nissan Innovation lab being perfect hosts and kindly offering us all a chance to interact with their latest incubatees.

With the calibre of attendees we had, it is easy to see why Jean-Francois from NUMA told us that corporate venturing has doubled in the last 3 years, with over $83.5bn invested and now accounts for 20% of all Venture Capital invested.

It was a packed schedule of:

  • Case studies:
  • Key Speakers & Academics: 
    • Jean-Francois Caillard, NUMA and one of France's leading CV do-ers
    • Prof. Anna Glaser ESCP Europe management school
  • Workshop - creating a ‘Curious Company’.
 Quite amazed at the ground we covered (and still finished on time!). I certainly left with my brain on fire… 


For me, there were some key areas that resonated throughout the day - I am not sure there were answers but we heard a lot from both sides…

  • How to ...survive the corporate Tsunami
  • Co-location of internal teams and start-ups. 
  • The longer term thinking allowed by remaining on a salary with a safe job to go back to vs. the entrepreneurial creativity caused by having to pay the rent this month 
  • Is the CV department the correct point of contact or do you allow other areas of your business to undertake this type of activity?
  • ‘Options’ are they the easiest way forward for investments - Afterall the only time you will need to get senior sign-off is when it is a success! 
  • Conflicts of interest: Your company as a shareholder AND as a client Your business lines may prefer to work with a competitor 
And of course my favorite: Write and keep the “investment thesis” - since management evolves faster than portfolio

I am looking forward to arranging the content for 23/4 January in London. There are a few places available - let me know if you would like to find out how to attend.


  1. I enjoyed the session - an remain a fan of encouraging/requiring folk to take real risks with their jobs / careers .. but also creating ecosystems which are supportive of those who do and come crashing down. Their lessons learned are gold-dust!

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