Sunday, 10 November 2013

Open Innovation meets Big Data consortium to visit European Commission

Members of the OI4 "Open Innovation Consortium" have recently decided to focus on the space where 'Open Innovation meets Big Data' .. looking at opportunities to trade data rich assets across national and company boundaries in the same spirit that Henry Chesbrough envisages for IP.

While we have found new classes of business opportunity in areas as diverse as Smart Cities, Smart Devices and Smart Supply Chains we also see challenges associated with Regulation (or lack thereof) and the perception that 'Open Data' might be interpreted as 'Free Data'.

With this in mind we are pleased to have been invited to present our thinking to The European Commission (DG CONNECT) on November 18th in Brussels.

This is most timely with a new round of Horizon 2020 projects including a special interest in Big Data coming though early in 2014

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