Monday, 9 December 2013

Social Media for Business Consortium launches January 23rd

CfBI's much awaited 'Social Media for Business' consortium launches on January 23rd in Cambridge. With members from three countries covering retail, aerospace, big pharma, finance, media, chemicals, charities, government and transportation sectors this is an ambitious venture intended to allow organisations who are applying social media beyond 'just selling' to compare notes in a trusting confidential environment about what work and what not when trying to influence corporate Key Performance Indicators.

Rob Morland who leads the consortium, says "Members of the SMfB-1 consortium are working on areas as diverse as: 'innovation management' 'recruitment' 'improving service outcomes' 'reputation management' and 'shareholder engagement' - we are excited by the prospect of helping them learn from and with each other about best practise .. also beyond B2C".

The consortium runs for a 12 month period and will subsequently meet in Germany, Holland, Scotland and London. Its agenda is set by the needs of its members. For details visit: 

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