Tuesday 9 December 2014

Upcoming Franchisees and Friends Meeting January 7th

Upcoming Franchisees and Friends Meeting January 7th in Cambridge

Twice a year CfBI franchisees meet to compare notes, share experience and find even better practises in delivering our consortia.

Following this we open the meeting to a wider group of 'friends' who are tempted by the idea of taking on their own new franchises.

Discussion spills over to dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Interested? This is invitation only - so make your case to ceo@cfbi.com

Thursday 9 October 2014

Upcoming Meetings of the Microfluidics Consortium MF6

Upcoming Meetings of the Microfluidics Consortium MF6

Nov 20/21 Paris, France. The Consortium will be hosted by Fluigent and Institute Pierre Gilles de Gennes who have arranged for us to met leading researches and start-ups.

Feb 16/17 Carolina, USA. The Consortium will be host by Becton Dickinson and Duke University.

Further out we will be visiting Scandinavia, UK, Japan and Boston

For further details contact Peter Hewkin on ceo@cfbi.com

Sunday 8 June 2014

Microfluidics Consortium European Open Day July 3rd

The Microfluidics Consortium is a group of 20 companies from across Europe and the USA with the shared mission to grow the market for microfluidics enabled products and services.

Come and meet the Microfluidics Consortium and learn about our thinking, our members and their offerings. On July 3rd we will be at the CASS Centre in Cambridge with a mixture of presentations, demonstrations and networking.

Details and registration at http://www.cfbi.com/mf54landingpage.htm

Sunday 16 February 2014

CfBI Franchisees and Friends seminar March 6th

Would you like to work with CfBI delivering our formula? Curious about our business plan and vision? Tempted by a free lunch?

Come and join us on the afternoon of March 6th for the next of our 6 monthly "Franchisees and Friends" sessions!

At 2pm existing CfBI franchisees will meet at the Cambridge Business Lounge in Burleigh Street to compare experiences and find even better practises for deliving our formula. From 3:30 we open our doors to friends who might consider becoming a franchisee to learn about how we work and whats in it for you. 

From 6pm CfBI is bankrolling an informal dinner and chat at its favourite haunt CB2 Cafe in Norfolk Street.

If you are interested in participating contact Peter on ceo@cfbi.com

Friday 10 January 2014

Social Media for Business Launch Programme

Is now in place with NESTA, University Cambridge, Tesco, and Airbus acting as expert witnesses to help corporate members of the consortium find common ground as they strive to 'do more with less' applying social media to operations, HR, crisis management and innovation .. as well as marketing.

With delegates from UK, France and Germany covering : Retail, FMCG, Government, Big Pharma, Finance and Media  the consortium is breaking new ground in the private confines of Downing College Cambridge. Consultants and SM Vendors need not apply!

Details at http://www.cfbi.com/SMfB.htm