Sunday 18 January 2015

CfBI's New Year Briefing now available

Visit to download the latest edition of CfBI's briefing with details of its achievements in the 2nd half of 2014 as well as cameo descriptions of all its active consortia

Medical Adherence Consortium Launches Feb 25th

The Centre for Business Innovation is delighted to announce that its latest pan-industry consortium 'Medical Adherence' launches on February 25th in London.

Shaped by input from its founders including: NICE, Abbvie, BUPA, GSK and Philips the first meeting of the consortium will be hosted by BUPA at their London Headquarters.

Dr Jeremy Holland who leads the consortium tells us "Medical Adherence is the problem arising because patients do not follow their doctors' advice in taking medication or making lifestyle changes. It costs the industry $trillions and ruins patients lives".

Dr Peter Hewkin for CfBI adds "This is exactly the type of problem where CfBI's consortium approach is most appropriate to address - bringing together stakeholders from diverse industries to find a shared view of how to get market traction for new classes of solution."

The consortium members come form across Europe - but take a global view on the nature of the problem and how it might best be addressed.

CfBI is a neutral facilitator - which does not hold IP or sell consultancy. It runs 5 other consortia using the same process and has a long track record of success