Wednesday 30 August 2017

Microfluidics Consortium hosted by University of Cambridge with Open Day Oct 12th

Having visited ETH Zurich, MIT and Stanford in the last year, the MF8 Microfluidics consortium will be hosted by the Knowles Laboratory at the University of Cambridge on Oct 11 and 12.

The Mission of the Microfluidics Consortium is to grow the market for Microfluidics enabled products and services. We do this by promoting good practises and design guidelines, by exploring new applications and by catalysing new opportunities and deals. Find out more about us at

Twice per year (once in the USA and once in Europe) we invite non-member organisations to get to know us at one of our Open Days. The next such opportunities is in Cambridge UK on Oct 12th. Find out more and register to attend here

New CfBI website

We are Beta-testing a new SEO and Mobile friendly front end for the CfBI site. Visit to give it a try. If you spot and problems, please let me know. The 'old' dense text site is still at .