Wednesday 12 August 2020

Microfluidics Global Expo Sept 8th 2020

 Responding to Covid19 lockdown CfBI is 100% virtual these days! We have kept our consortium dates but are delivering these over Zoom. This has had some exciting side effects and we are delighted to welcome @Zeon from Japan and @BMF3D  into the MF11 consortium.


.. Now we are raising our game further by organizing  Microfluidics Global Expo  on Sept 8th. This is a virtual roadshow of demos and talks from the Microfluidics Consortium. We start in Singapore/Australia - move on to Europe / Africa and then hop over to the US finishing up in Seattle!

With speakers from all 5 continents this is truly an exhibition on which the sun never sets!

Delegate rates  start at $75 for academics and $150 for professionals so this is also affordable all over the world. There are also deals for exhibitors.  Follow this link for information and to sign up.  

 Tell your friends!