Sunday 28 October 2012

CfBI's Summer Briefing Now Available

The Summer Briefing from the Centre for Business Innovation can be read here

Microfluidics Consortium Study Tour to Singapore

The MF4 Microfluidics Consortium will visit Singapore with a study tour on Dec 3 and 4. Made possible by the collaboration between SIMTech in Singapore and the Centre for Business Innovation in the UK this tour will facilitate an exchange of views and opportunities with the objective for growing the market for microfluidics enabled products and services.

SIMTech prides itself as a Microfluidics Fab for the World. The MF4 consortium now has 20 member companies from Europe and the USA who benefit from promotion of good practises and opportunities in microfluidics.

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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Microfluidics Consortium hosted by Philips

The Microfluidics Consortium starts its 4th year with a closed meeting hosted by Philips in Eindhoven (Netherlands) on Sept 13 and 14. Following the success of its foray into North America several new members (including Advanced Liquid Logic, Diba Industries, National Research Council of Canada, Trianja Technologies, Invenios and Tecan) from USA and Canada have joined. In the light of this the consortium plans to hold half its meetings in Europe and half in the USA in the coming year.

The next meeting of the Consortium will take place in California at the end of November. A study tour to Singapore is planned for the spring.

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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Possible future 'Corporate Social Media' Consortium

CfBI  are taking calls with some of Europe's best known companies to scope out what they would like to see and privately share in a 'Corporate Social Media' consortium. Consensus is building fast .. we hope to be able to go public at with more detail in the next month.

Friday 4 May 2012

Open Innovation Practitioners Consortium hosted by Deutsche Telekom

The OI3 Open Innovation Practitioners Consortium will be hosted by Deutsche Telekom in Berlin on July 10 and 11. Its themes will be "working with R&D institutes" (comparing implications of policy in UK, US and Germany) and "incubation" looking for best practise for both "inbound" and "outbound" incubation. Members of the consortium include: Google, GSK, Tetra Pak and Friesland Campina. The consortium is facilitated by the Centre for Business Innovation.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials consortium to launch in Cambridge

CfBI's latest collaborative consortium focussing on the use of Graphene and Carbon Nano Tubes in novel applications such as 'smart polymers' 'super copper' and 'novel electronic devices' will launch in Downing College Cambridge on April 19.

With members including: Nokia (Finnland); ST Microelectronics (Italy); Nexans (France); Codeleco (Chile); International Copper Association (USA); Thales (UK/France); Bosch (Germany) as well as Oxford Instruments and the National Grid from the UK the line-up for the Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium is truely international.

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Tuesday 3 April 2012

CfBI in the USA .. Microfluidics Consortium MF4 expands Stateside

The Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) is pleased to announce that its Microfluidics Consortium will be hosted by Johnson and Johnson at their global HQ in New Brunswick on May 17th. Following this we will be organizing on May 18th an Open Day in Cambridge MA (Hosted by the British Consulate General) with the objective to promoting our member thinking and offerings to an invited audience of non members. Beyond this we plan to hold meetings of the Microfluidics Consortium in equal measure in Europe and in North America in order to match the landscape of research and development in the rapidly developing field of microfluidics.

This new initiative is encouraged by recent new member wins in Noth America including: Diba Industries, International Copper Organisation, Johnson and Johnson, Tecan and the National Research Council of Canada.

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Monday 2 January 2012

CfBI's New Year Briefing now available


This years headlines:

• Soon entering its fourth year and now reaching out beyond its Cambridge/European homeland, CfBI has ambitious plans to grow the scope and impact of its consortia delivering “collaborative advantage” to the world’s best companies;
• Microfluidics consortium (MF-3) arrives in the USA in 2012, hosted by Johnson and Johnson
• New Nano-Carbon-Enabled-Materials Consortium (NCEM-1) to launch in Spring 2012
• Open Innovation Practitioners’ consortium (OI-3) achieves new heights with member guided focus on Health and Wellness and New Media
• Inclusive Design consortium (ID-2) helps top companies with iconic designs suited to changing consumer demography;
• New consortia in Flow Chemistry. New Media and Corporate Venturing planned for autumn 2012.

Wishing you a prosperous 2012. Your CfBI team