Monday 29 January 2018

Microfluidics Consortium MF9 meets in San Jose Feb 1&2

Now in its 9th year the Microfluidics consortium continues to grow. We now operate equally across North America and Europe delivering 3 meetings on each continent per year.

We have created 'cadet' communities on the East Coast (FluidicMEMs) and on the West Coast (Bay Area Microfluidics Network) to support our mission which remains 'To grow the market for Microfluidics enabled products and services.

This week we are meeting in San Jose hosted by Labcyte, Molecular Devices and WL Gore working with expert witnesses from UC Riverside, Stanford, Microsoft and beyond as well as hearing "microfluidics hotseat" pitches from earlystage companies looking for support.

Details here

Next Stop?  Paris March 22,23  Boston June 26  Montreal June 27