Saturday, 7 May 2011

Third Microfluidics Consortium to launch in Cambridge June 9

CfBI is delighted to announce that its highly successful Microfluidics Consortium will enter its 3rd year on June 9th with a launch meeting in Cambridge.

Following the Japan Study Tour in MF2 we have decided to drop the word 'European' from the title and open our doors to members from around the world. MF3 has committed to holding one of its meetings in the upcoming annual cycle in the USA.

Alongside our work on standards for interconnects and chip holders MF3 will also get more involved in single cell assays and tissue engineeering as well as new formats for diagnostics and high throughput screening.

We are delighted to have engaged NICE (National Institute for Healthcare and Clinical Excellence) and the Medical Research Council in our meeting on June 9th. These are important stakeholders who can help MF3 with its mission 'to grow the market from Microfluidics enabled solutions to the worlds 'Grand Challenges'

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