Friday, 14 January 2022

Microfluidics Consortium meeting in San Francisco Jan 27/28


The Microfluidics Consortium is returning to San Francisco on Jan 27/28th 2022! We will be physically at the INSEAD Business Innovation Hub down-town (convenient for Photonics West) and also virtually on Hopin.

Speakers include: Sindy Tang, Polly Fordyce, Amy E. Herr, Ph.D., Bryan Crane, Simon Dodd, Darwin Reyes, Sebastian Stöckeler ,Ming X. Tan, Monika Weber, David Franta.

Come and join us on Jan 27 (COVID compliant, of course! Numbers are limited to guarantee distancing! Vaccination Proof Required!) for a world class line up of: Mask-to-Mask Networking, Research talks, Applications talks, Table top demos, Start-up pitches, Jobs promotion, and a 'mixer' with our good friends from Bay Area Microfluidics Network - all with eats and drinks on us!

On Jan 28 we have a series of small site visits in the Bay Area including Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. and TRUMPF North America

Details and registration here:


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